Coding Care offers a plethora of services designed to help your practice remain in compliance with all coding regulations. Our services not only provide reassurance and guidance, but also instruction on how your staff can improve their coding practices.

Our diligent and experienced staff provides the following services to healthcare providers:

  • A coding hotline to support new or complex coding situations
  • Physician chart coding review
  • Billing/coding practice audits to ensure consistency and efficiency
  • Denial reviews
  • ICD 10 training by specialty
  • Remote coding services

All coders are Certified Professional Coders through the AAPC.  Our coders are trained in a wide variety of specialties including, but not limited to:

     Primary Medicine                      Pain Management                     Neurology

     Anesthesia                                 Orthopaedics                             Gastroenterology

     Cardiology                                 Neurosurgery                             Pulmonology

     OB/GYN                                     Ear Nose Throat                         Wound Care             

We also offer chart audits as a part of a quality assurance function that tests the appropriateness of the coding for a selection of charts. This service is often used as a part of a practice’s compliance plan. Chart audits can not only help you make outside audits easier but can serve as valuable training tools for coding/billing staff, ensuring they are following best practices in accordance with the rules and regulations.  We provide detailed written reports upon audit/review completion as well as a phone consultation to go over audit/review findings. Our mission is to not only review charts and practices, but to educate our clients on how to better their practices.

It is no secret that healthcare laws are rapidly changing and this trend shows no signs of slowing down. With the continuing implementation of the Affordable Care Act and ICD-10, it is imperative to stay current on new guidelines and regulations.  

Coding Care is here to serve as a partner for medical practices to assist with compliance with new healthcare laws and regulations. If your practice is in need of any of our services, please visit our Membership & Sign Up page to learn more about our simple pricing structures.